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Sorry about this;

Colorado and your Town need you; read and forward to the right people...
  Phase 1; *It's time to show up.*  At 6pm Monday 25th, local state 
sen. Matt Jones is having a meeting at

the Erie Library.  Mike stood against You and the constitution in 
promoting House Bills 1224-29, the anti- 2nd amendment
measures that passed the state house last week and are moving to the 
senate. They also Kill over 200 Great Jobs in Erie
and 400 more locally by shutting down Magpul Industries, -a superb local 

Please be early, get front row and fill the place.  Prepare a question 
or two- Show your passion!.

- " did you swear to defend the constitution?
  'the 2nd reads; " ..".the right to keep and bear arms shall not be 
infringed".  Infringed is properly defined as "limited, impeded
or restricted",
- Will you vote to restrict our right to keep and bear arms, 
including standard 31 round magazines?  Doesn't that break your oath to
defend the 2nd?!
Will you vote to keep records and subject us to gun registration as 
enabled by the House bills?"

Will you vote to Make Erie's largest primary employer, Magpul, (an  $85m 
part of our economy), - leave the state by arbitrarily banning standard 
magazine manufacturing?
Will you violate your oath on the 2nd and 14th amendment by voting for 
these infringements? (due and equal process)

*Mike wants to disarm Colorado's law abiding citizens and kill local 
jobs.  Stop him! *

*Phase 2- Send a letter or email* (I made it easy to cut and paste email 
addresses)* to these 7 state senators* that ran on 2nd
  amendment sanctity but are buckling to *anti- constitution* pressure.  
Show 'em what REAL pressure is like! they can still be

Mary.hodge.senate at ste.co.us <mailto:Mary.hodge.senate at ste.co.us> 
Angela.giron.senate at state.co.us <mailto:Angela.giron.senate at state.co.us> 
cheri.jahn.senate at state.co.us <mailto:cheri.jahn.senate at state.co.us> 
Andy.kerr.senate at state.co.us <mailto:Andy.kerr.senate at state.co.us>
linda.newell.senate at state.co.us <mailto:linda.newell.senate at state.co.us> 
jeanne.nicholson.senate at state.co.us 
<mailto:jeanne.nicholson.senate at state.co.us> 
lois.tochtrop.senate at state.co.us <mailto:lois.tochtrop.senate at state.co.us>
We must make a significant effort now. You CAN make a difference, -this 
is how.  Do it and sleep well at night, Patriot!
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